100% Recycled PSF with FR (GRS)

100% Recycled PSF with FR (GRS)

Flame retardant polyester staple fiber is a kind of environmentally friendly high-tech polyester fiber with flame retardant performance. The fiber is a new generation of flame retardant technology produced through adding non halogen elements of phosphate reactive flame retardant and inorganic flame retardant polymer in the process of fiber aggregation. Phosphorous-containing flame retardant fiber belongs to an internationally recognized good flame retardant fiber.

It can be widely used for decorative textiles in aviation, aircraft, railway, bus, ship, automobile and the interior decorative textile in bedding, high-rise buildings, theatres, radio and television, dance halls, restaurants, hotels and so on.


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100% Recycled Polyester Fiber with Flame Retardant (GRS)

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White, Dope Dyed Colors